Will Harry Kane stay as ‘One of Our Own?’

Once again, we near the end of another epic season and talks are starting to light up about Harry Kane’s future.

With the current Premier League goalscorer (23 goals at writing!) keeping Spurs well in the chase for a Top4 finish, rumours are once again circulating as to whether or not he’s likely to make a summer move. Ex-Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas recently came out to the press and pretty much said if he wants silverware, he’s better off at a more successful club. Ouch! Pochettino on the other hand, claimed Harry Kane is happy and can help win trophies at Tottenham.

We’ve discussed this topic a couple of times on the podcast, with Jared still believing he’s going to stick around. I do think it’s inevitable that a Real Madrid hounding is on its way, with an offer close to £200 Million landing in Daniel Levy’s inbox. Sure, that would help towards paying off their new Stadium, but once again we fall into the “feeder-club” trap, by selling our best players to the richer clubs and not coming close to winning trophies. Dare I bring back the memory of the Bale money? Of the 7-8 players Spurs bought, only 2 are still with the club. And one of them – Lamela – was out with hip issues for a good amount of time. End result- still no trophies!

My opinion? I think he’s got one more committed year at Spurs. If he racks up another 30+ goals for the season, but Spurs still fail to come away with any silverware, I think his agents, advisors and even fellow players will tempt him towards another club. I just hope to God it’s not an English one!


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