North London is…Pink?!


Once again, we were treated to another special meeting of these two clubs. (And special thanks goes to “Strange Days Brewing” in Kansas City for being brave enough to host BOTH sets of local fans.)

In the build-up to this match, one could argue that Spurs were going to take this one. With most of their key players now returning to full match fitness and coming off wins from Man Utd, an FA Cup replay success with Newport County and a snatched point from Liverpool, the momentum appeared in Spurs’ favour. But despite Arsenal’s embarrassing losses – from the Swans and Bournemouth, their new signings (Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan) have both shifted the optimism of Wenger’s side and given fans a newfound hope. And their recent 5-1 demolition of Everton is nothing to skip over!

The 1st half was evenly balanced. Two teams clearly playing a chess game, trying to figure out which of them was going to break forward first, thus exposing the back. The midfield battles were clearly there and the occasional shot on goal from both was evident. But for me the second half was the turning point. Pochettino must have somehow got into his players’s heads as they came out firing! Even after going 1-nil up, they continued to dominate possession and easily could have made it 2 or 3, if not for Son’s tragic miss and Cechs heroic save.)

Fair result? Probably. Although one could argue that Spurs’ lack of killing the game could have cost them, with Lacazette’s last kick almost sharing the points.

But something tells me this Spurs dominance is about to see another signature Spring slump. Despite strong moments, Dele Alli is a not the same player he was last year. Harry Kane –  yes, he scored today, but has been missing his scoring boots of late. Something tells me a game upset might derail their passion to conclude the season. And knowing Arsenal, they’ll somehow bounce back from this narrow loss with a desire to kick on and take each of the 3 points as they come.

So North London is Pink. White from the Spurs victory today, but mixed with Red from the prospects of the Gunner’s future.



One thought on “North London is…Pink?!

  1. Spurs certainly seem more resilient in recent matches, and have re-acquired their cutting edge. Very dogged in retrieving the ball and energetic for the full 90 minutes. But they lack creativity and accuracy in front of goal, with even King Harry and Son a tad off their usual selves right now. Meanwhile Arsenal are getting stronger and better, with great pace up front, though still with frailties at the back. So North London is indeed pink, but if Spurs can return to form at the front (and also stop wasting corners) then it could get whiter. Reminding Ali that he does need to score sometimes would help!


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